Custom Audience Targeting

Automatically nurture hundreds of leads without being that annoying sales rep.

Target IQ helps sales people identify and target specific individuals with meaningful advertisements catered directly to them –  gently nurturing them towards a decision in their direction.

Top of Mind, all the time

Stay top of mind to your VIP’s. Automagically.

Automagically nurture hundreds of leads simultaneously.

Instead of annoying prospects with cold calls and endless "follow ups", Let Target IQ do the heavy lifting to keep you in front of your VIPs.

Stay top of mind to your ideal clients without lifting a finger.

Compelling digital display advertising that is tailored to your unique audiences - and shown to them wherever they go online.

Reach your sales goals with less effort and less investment.

Only advertise to people who you’ve determined are worth the investment.

Our CLients

Trusted by the best in the business.

Finally, modern marketing that’s built for B2B.

We both know that B2B sales will always be developed through relationships.

But with handshakes becoming taboo and Zoom calls taking place of lunch meetings & trade shows. What if you could use technology to help automate aspects of the sales process to amply your efforts?

Powerfully Simple

How it Works

You tell us the specific people you want to target and we make sure they see your ads – everywhere they go online. 

Simple, powerful, automagic lead nurturing.


Upload your contacts

Upload a list of your VIPs. Wishlist clients, warm leads, your in-laws… anyone you’d like!
target iq audience bucket


Stay top of mind to your VIPs

Automatically keep your brand in front of your future clients without annoying them.


Track their engagement.

Set alerts in your CRM for when they are engaging with your site – so you know when it’s the right time to reach out.


Close the deal.

When you go in for the close,  your prospects will be primed to prefer you.


The solution for sales people.

Relationship-driven sales methodologies with powerful AI marketing technology.

This results in a simple, highly-targeted digital support strategy to supercharge your sales efforts for anyone in a B2B sales role.

Real REsults from real campaigns

You’re probably wondering if this works right?

 By implementing Custom Audience Targeting we’ve helped our clients increasing their effectiveness & contract close rate while decreasing their workload.

6-Month Campaign Snapshot


Target Audience Size

9.8 Million

Targeted Impressions


Avg. Impressions/Day/Person


Total Ad Clicks to Website




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